About Us

About Us

Thank you for your interest in our services. Helping Hands Quality Cleaning was formed in 2010 to provide excellent cleaning services and to also meet the needs of unemployment in an unstable economy. We are primarily a residential cleaning company also servicing small office buildings. With 19 years experience in the cleaning industry, our goal is to make cleaning affordable while maintaining quality work. We believe that having a cleaning service is no longer a luxury, but, a necessity in todays fast pace world and we want to help make it possible for you without draining your wallet.

We have a heart for people and really enjoy seeing the end result of a clean home and a satisfied customer. We have found that being consistent, thorough and having a strong eye for detail, are some of the key factors in a great customer experience. We believe in providing excellent customer service and have a 100% guarantee on all of our services. Our standards of honesty and integrity are what sets us apart.

In addition to caring for your home…we care about you. We want to maintain that personal touch that can so easily get lost in the busyness of life. We care that you work hard, have had surgery, have a sick child or whatever it may be that keeps you from having some down time. We are excited to soon be offering some packages in addition to cleaning to help you out with some extra chores. We are here to lend a helping hand with all your cleaning needs. Please see our Care Services section for more details.

Belinda G Smith, Owner/Operator Helping Hands Quality Cleaning

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