Complaints/Customer Feedback

As a small business owner, I am learning how important it is to receive negative feedback as a stepping stone to improve our services. We can choose to either embrace or dismiss…the choice is ours.

There are different personalities when it comes to being dissatisfied with a product or service. For some people, they find it really difficult to communicate that they were not happy and some have no problem at all. Where do we find the balance? What drives us to either be passive or very vocal? I think there are several different answers…which could be a topic for another discussion…But how we give and receive feedback is important. If you never let a company know you aren’t happy, how can they ever fix the problem? On the flip side, if you aren’t able to receive negative feedback, how can you ever grow and become the best that you can be? This is just some “food for thought” as I learn to receive and handle negative feedback properly.

So please…never be afraid to let us know if you are not completely happy with our services…give us the opportunity to fix it.