Tip Of The Month - Streak Free Windows

Do you want clean windows with no streaks and not a lot of fuss? We have the solution...literally ( wink) . I can remember cleaning windows with newspaper and my hands were black from all the ink . Raise your hand if this was you. The  thought behind using newspaper is that  there would be no streaks and not a lot of lint left on the window. Not a bad idea...except for all of the ink. Now there is a better least I think so. Here it goes:

Gather these items:

small cleaning bucket

dawn dish soap (1/2 - 1 TBS)

clean microfiber rag


dry dish towel




This is how we do it ...1-2-3- GO!!

  1. Put dawn dish soap in bucket and fill with water
  2. Put your gloves on ( keep that manicure looking good) ...(smile)
  3. Dip your microfiber rag in the water and wring until slightly damp
  4. Wipe your window with the damp rag from top to bottom
  5. Squeegee the window starting at top left corner until you have removed all water from the window
  6. Dry your squeegee
  7. Repeat beginning at #3

This solution will work on inside or outside windows...clean the window screens before you put them back. Also, you may need more than one microfiber rag...well... you will need more than one (wink). The microfibers in the rag will trap dirt and will not work as well when they get dirty...nifty tip. So, grab some rags...get your gloves on and get your windows squeaky clean.